Interview with AI Artist Dan Cooper


In this insightful interview, AI Artist Dan Cooper explain how, for him, AI serves as a collaborative sidekick that takes care of the "heavy lifting" allowing him to focus on creativity.

Learn more about his journey, process (he is sharing some prompt tips too!) and vision for the future of AI art.

Mechanical Engineer/Tool Maker
📍 Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Mar 8, 2024, 2:27 PM PT
Interview by Paula Vivas

What is your creative background, and how did you first get interested in AI?

My creative background? Well, I used sketch a lot of character designs when I was growing up. Photoshop and photography soon followed, allowing me to learn how to edit images. Then my interest in music took over so it ended up leaving those in the side line.

As for AI, I got interested when I realized it could do all the heavy lifting while I sip my coffee.

How do you see AI in your creative process?

It’s like having a sidekick who thinks it’s the real artist but often just creates chaos.

How do you handle when AI’s output diverges from your vision?

It can be a challenge. I’ll often have to go back and trace my steps to get the outcome I was looking for.

But if I’m just playing then these diversions can create some of the happiest mistakes.

Can you share some concepts for prompts that can help achieve great images?

Simple tips that I have found useful so far have been to be clear and consistent about your colour pallets. I often stick to triad colour schemes that compliment each other, and it gives just enough variation without being too complex.

If using Midjourney, I personally find that if you keep your stylize down low, you maintain a bit of creative freedom, and receive a prompt that is more true to what you have requested.

Learn a bit about lighting/light direction, and play with different options to find your favourite results.

Once you’ve chosen an interesting theme, all of these basics should help guide your results.

How does AI affect traditional notions of creativity and authorship in the digital art world?

AI challenges traditional notions of creativity by making us question if art is really art if a machine did most of the work.

It’s like a digital identity crisis for artists.

What do you think, is it really art?

Yes I do think it is really art. It’s a form of expression, just a new way of doing things.

How do you balance the technical aspects of AI with the intuitive process of artistic creation?

Balancing AI’s technical prowess with my artistic intuition is just allowing the process to play out. If you really have an idea of what you want, you can get it with the right commands.

How does AI-generated art challenges traditional art forms? Is it a complement or a disruptor?

AI-generated art is like that one person at the party who shows up with a fog machine and steals the spotlight.

AI it’s a bit of a disruptor, but who doesn’t love a bit of chaos?

How do you stay informed about AI advancements and incorporate new tools or techniques into your art?

To keep up with AI’s relentless march, I just keep up with the community.

Everyone’s out to help each other out. No one is too precious and the ideas are so plentiful that you can’t help being dragged into it.

What’s your vision for AI’s future role in art creation and perception?

AI is already making leaps and bounds and it’s been great to see it used across multiple discipline’s. I think it will essentially push people to be more creative with their techniques.

I’ll liken it to the introduction of computer software for music production, where you had all sorts of people using unconventional practices to make amazing music from the comfort of their own homes. I see this as a similar moment and could now usher in a sort of modern renaissance for digital art, and I’m excited to see how it proceeds.

The Top 3

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Top 3 AI creatives whose work stands out to you

Top 3 improvements you wish to see in current AI tools

Top 3 advice for creatives considering starting to experiment with AI

Thank you very much, Dan, for generously sharing your time and your insightful responses. Can’t wait for the ongoing flow of your creations!

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