Author: Paula Vivas

Interview with AI Artist Dariusz Palarczyk - circus_of_artifice

Today we’re introducing Dariusz Palarczyk, a Polish former art director and current UX/UI designer, known for his stunning AI artwork. In the interview, he discusses his creative process with AI, the challenges and rewards it brings, and its wider effects on the creative industries and employment.

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Interview with AI Artist Tim Smith - yoitsaesop

Tim Smith’s AI imagery is a rich tapestry of styles and concepts, with a bold and deliberate use of colors, and compositions that often play with contrast and juxtaposition. It’s clear that the creative director, with more than a decade of experience, is not just producing images but exploring the very essence of what it means to create in the age of AI!

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Interview with AI artist Karol Wystalski - kvetcch

Karol Wystalski, is a super nice, self-taught AI artist “straight outta Warsaw” whose artwork stands out as a remarkable fusion of styles and themes. In his AI explorations, he delves into the depths of various genres and motifs, merging them into striking visual statements and creating a portfolio that is as haunting as it is beautiful.

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Interview with AI artist Ronda Miller - slashphotographai

In today’s spotlight, we have the pleasure of introducing Ronda Miller, an impressive photo-realistic AI artist who has already started incorporating AI-generated imagery into her advertising work. She is rooted in the world of marketing, using AI to create art that finds a unique balance between precision and emotion.

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Interview with AI artist Mohamad Alaw - focusart80

Mohamad Alaw is a Devops Engineer by day and AI prompt engineer by night. We had the pleasure to chat with him about his magnificent AI portraits, full of vivid colors, raw textures, and captivating eyes. With a keen eye for portrait-style imagery, Mohamad brings to his AI art a sensitivity and depth that is rarely seen.

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Interview with AI Artist Dan Cooper - dank_hooper

In this insightful interview, AI Artist Dan Cooper explain how, for him, AI serves as a collaborative sidekick that takes care of the “heavy lifting” allowing him to focus on creativity. Learn more about his journey, process (he is sharing some prompt tips too!) and vision for the future of AI art.

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