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Interviewees from: United States

Interview with AI Artist Tim Smith - yoitsaesop

Tim Smith’s AI imagery is a rich tapestry of styles and concepts, with a bold and deliberate use of colors, and compositions that often play with contrast and juxtaposition. It’s clear that the creative director, with more than a decade of experience, is not just producing images but exploring the very essence of what it means to create in the age of AI!

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Interview with AI artist Mohamad Alaw - focusart80

Mohamad Alaw is a Devops Engineer by day and AI prompt engineer by night. We had the pleasure to chat with him about his magnificent AI portraits, full of vivid colors, raw textures, and captivating eyes. With a keen eye for portrait-style imagery, Mohamad brings to his AI art a sensitivity and depth that is rarely seen.

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